Bulgaria & Macedonia & Greece

Get off the beaten track and explore the heart and soul of the Balkan Peninsula! Discover Bulgaria together with its neighboring countries! Find out why they say that Balkan people have much more history that they can bear. The Balkan peninsula has always been an important crossroad for the main trade and land routes between Europe and Asia, therefore today it is an unrivaled patchwork of cultures sewn together through the centuries. We welcome you to discover these lands, where Slav literacy was born and great ancient civilizations left their traces ...

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Bulgaria & Macedonia & Greece – enjoy the discovery!
Countries: Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece
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  • The Bulgarian capital Sofia - a blend of ancient archaeological monuments and modern-day landmarks
  • The Rila Monastery – a masterpiece of its time!
  • The ancient Macedonian capital Skopje
  • The spectacular Canyon “Matka” carved by the Treska River
  • Western Macedonia and the inspiring St. Jovan Bigorski Monastery
  • A scenic drive through the Mavrovo National Park in Macedonia
  • The city of Ohrid picturesquely nested on the banks of the Ohrid Lake
  • Thessaloniki - a modern metropolis bearing the marks of its stormy history and its cosmopolitan character!
  • Mount Athos - the oldest surviving monastic community in the world!
  • The ancient city of Philippi - one of the great cities of the ancient Greek world!
  • The charming coastal town of Kavala!
  • Melnik - the smallest town in Bulgaria and its delicious red wines!
  • The secluded Rozhen Monastery in the South Pirin Mountain!
  • The Old town of Bansko and the gorgeous Pirin Mountain!

Where to go & what to see?

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