Specialized Programs

Bulgaria’s diverse delights of landscape, culture, cuisine and contemporary "cool" are selected for you in our specialized tours. Take a journey east from the hustle-bustle Sofia into the verdant Thracian valley and the sunny Black sea coast. Bulgarian mountains are very diverse in shape and height, so prepare for exiting hikes in areas alive with picturesque views, dramatic gorges and high snow-covered peaks! Leave a few days to relax in a comfortable spa hotel and enjoy the healing power the many mineral water springs while sipping on a glass of delicious Bulgarian wine or linger on a balcony overlooking thousands of years of history in Veliko Tranovo – the ancient capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, north from Stara Planina Mountain range. You will be amazed by the range of options you can choose from.

Take a peek at our Specialized programs and let our experts deal with all the organizational details of your unique holiday in our colorful country!

Burgas - the inviting port of the Bulgarian South Black Sea coast
Country: Bulgaria
Price from: T/A
  • Discover Burgas and indulge in its laid-back coastal atmosphere, artistic spirit and lively nightlife!

Plovdiv – “the most beautiful Thracian city” within the territory of Bulgaria!
Country: Bulgaria
Days: One- day trip / Half- day trip
Price from: T/A
  • Drift back in time walking in the streets of the Ancient city of Plovdiv, take in the authentic atmosphere of its aristocratic Revival Homes and indulge in the colourful sight of the works of art displayed directly in the small cobble-stones paved squares by the artists themselves…

Sofia – the vibrant European capital on your To-do list
Country: Bulgaria
Days: One- day trip
Price from: T/A
  • Explore one of the youngest European capitals, yet unknown and totally off-the beaten track! Let Sofia fascinate you with its vibrant urban atmosphere, unmistakable east-meets-west feel, huge cultural heritage and dazzling rhythm of life!

Varna – Bulgaria’s maritime capital
Country: Bulgaria
Days: One- day trips
Price: from T/A
  • Explore Bulgaria’s most exciting city on the Black Sea coast where you will both satisfy your cultural appetite and indulge in the laid-back beach atmosphere you long for!

Fly to the Black Sea Coast and drive around Bulgaria’s most popular cultural landmarks
Country: Bulgaria
Days: 10 Days / 9 Overnights
Price from: T/A
  • Have the freedom and independence to choose what to do when planning the itinerary and the way you follow it!
  • Feel free to customize the trip anytime – not only in advance but also on spot, taking in mind the current weather conditions, your physical fitness etc.
  • Enjoy a hustle-free visit to Bulgaria with prearranged hotel reservations, car-hire, an up-to-date map and route notes while exploring the country at your own pace!

The wines of Bulgaria: True food for the soul!
Country: Bulgaria
Days: 9 Days / 8 Overnights
Price from: T/A
  • Indulge in the sensational qualities of a selection of exquisite Bulgarian wines!
  • Tick off the most impressive cultural highlights that Bulgaria has to offer from your “to-do list”!
  • The Bulgarian capital Sofia - a blend of ancient historical heritage and modern-day landmarks
  • The ancient maritime centre Nessebar perched on a tiny peninsula in the Black sea
  • The Bulgarian Black Sea capital - Varna
  • The former Bulgarian capitals Veliki Preslav and Veliko Tarnovo

The wines of the Thracian Valley – A true journey through the senses
Country: Bulgaria
Days: 5 days /4 overnights
Price from: T/A
  • Taste the wine sorts of the Thracian region and the unique for Bulgaria, delicious white Mavrud wine!
  • Visit some of the best wine cellars in South Bulgaria and learn about the country’s ancient traditions in winemaking!
  • Create your ultimate Bulgarian experience based on the essences and emotions conveyed by the finest wine varieties the country can offer!
  • Take in the romantic spirit of the Old city of Plovdiv famous for its spectacular Roman Theatre, the multitude of tiny art galleries, churches and authentic cobbled streets lined with Revival period houses.
  • The Alexandrovo Tomb with its priceless and unique frescoes, the bright colours of which have been stunningly preserved for almost 2,500 years.
  • The Bachkovo Monastery - one of the most impressive sanctuaries within the territory of the country.
  • The Bulgarian capital - Sofia: a city that presents a colourful blend of ancient and modern

Specialized Programs

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