Hobby & Interests Programs

Exercise your favorite hobby or try a new one while travelling in Bulgaria. Keen on practicing your favorite activity "the Bulgarian way"!

  • Perform! Express yourself in the unique art fusion of Bulgarian music, dance, cuisine and more.
  • Learn how to make "banitza", cook "pitka" or prepare your favorite local dish and surprise your family with a "martenitza"!
  • Dance in the rhythm of "rachenitsa"!
  • Learn how to play "kaval" or "gaida"! discovering the richness of tunes and melodies!
  • Enjoy the atmosphere of Bulgarian home!
  • Resolve the mystery of the Orthodox icon painting!
  • If you have a passion for photography and travel join us for a fascinating photographic journey and capture the essence of Bulgaria, the way you feel and see it!
  • Explore the breathtaking wildlife diversity in Bulgaria! If interested in exploring birds, butterflies or botanical species — Bulgaria is "a must" in your travel list!

Few countries can rival Bulgaria when it comes to the richness and the variety of the flora and fauna. The country is becoming increasingly popular with the wildlife enthusiasts, photographers and film makers due to its geographic location in the south-eastern corner of the Balkan peninsular and the immense wildlife diversity.

With our Hobby & Interests Programs, practicing your favorite activity becomes a part of your Bulgarian discovery!

Bulgarian Art Fusion - Workshops &Travel
Country: Bulgaria
Days: 11 days / 10 overnights
Price from: T/A
  • Explore Bulgaria’s unspoiled mountainous villages in the heart of the Rhodope Mountain!
  • Learn how to dance and sing like a Bulgarian with the students from the Shiroka Laka Folklore School!
  • Prepare a traditional dish of your choice with the women from Bansko!
  • Create your own colourful “Martenitsa” and take it home for good luck!
  • Be inspired by Bulgaria’s stunning nature and revival architecture to create your painting masterpiece in the idyllic museum- town of Koprivshtitsa!
  • Get to know the Bulgarian capital Sofia - a blend of ancient historical heritage and modern-day landmarks
  • Visit the Rila Monastery and the Bahckovo Monastry – two of the most important Orthodox sanctuaries within the territory!
  • Take a stroll in the charming Old Quarter of the city of Plovdiv with its spectacular Roman!

The Essential Bird watching Tour in Bulgaria!
Country: Bulgaria
Days: 8 Days / 7 Overnights
Price from: T/A
  • Visit the most representative birding areas in Bulgaria!
  • Enjoy unique bird watching experiences in the Eastern Rhodope Mountains, the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and the Danube River!
  • Enjoy Bulgaria’s unspoiled nature and fascinating culture!

A refreshing eco-hiking experience in the heart of the Rhodope, Rila and Pirin Mountains
Country: Bulgaria
Days: 9 days / 8 overnights
Price from: T/A
  • Hiking in four of the most spectacular Bulgarian Mountains – The Sredna Gora Mountain, The Rila Mountain, The Rhodope Mountain and the Pirin Mountain
  • The spectacular Waterfall Canyon with its maze of bridges over the cascading waterfalls
  • The Devil's Throat Cave with its breathtaking 42 meter- high underground waterfalls
  • The mesmerizing view of the Buynovsko gorge and the Bulgarian and Greek mountains and peaks from the Eagle’s Eye sightseeing platform near Trigrad
  • The tranquil mountain villages of Kovachevitsa and Leshten - cornerstones in the preservation of the Bulgarian history, traditions and cuisine
  • The Rila Monastery - an architectural masterpiece of its time that played a significant role in the Bulgarian history
  • The Bulgarian capital Sofia - a blend of ancient historical heritage and modern-day landmarks

Spring Bird and wildlife photography  tour  in Bulgaria
Country: Bulgaria
Days: 9 Days / 8 Overnights
Price from: T/A
  • Explore some of the best bird and wildlife photography opportunities in Europe thanks to Bulgaria’s rich biodiversity, variety of habitats and easy access!
  • Observe closely some of the most colourful and attractive European bird species such as Rollers, Bee-eaters, Hoopoe and Wryneck!
  • Grasp the opportunity to photograph both flowers and the large numbers of butterflies that Bulgaria is renowned for!
  • Indulge in the simplicity and friendliness of the Bulgarian countryside and explore the locals’ everyday life and tasty homemade meals while staying at traditional family owned guesthouses!

Hobby & Interests Programs

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